Life Change in a Lesson Plan

Thoughtful and purposeful teaching changes lives. This life change begins with a well-structured lesson plan. Maybe that sounds like an ambitious goal from an over confident teacher. Though I do realize that the Holy Spirit can work in any environment, the responsible teacher will approach the opportunity to teach with care and concern for the … Continue reading Life Change in a Lesson Plan

Disciple Stories: John 6

When reading John 6, we can identify an important sequence of episodes from beginning to end as the text moves from one of our favorite stories to tell our children to one of the hardest teachings for adults to understand. The chapter begins with Jesus, with the help of his irresolute disciples, miraculously feeding a … Continue reading Disciple Stories: John 6

Disciple Stories: Ignatius of Antioch

Sometime very early in the second century, a church leader from Antioch of Syria gave his life as a martyr. Ignatius was the bishop of the church in Antioch, the very city where the Apostle Paul began his first missionary journey. The details are unknown, but Ignatius was arrested and taken to Rome for execution. … Continue reading Disciple Stories: Ignatius of Antioch

The Cost of Firing a Minister

Church leaders fire ministers for many reasons. This is an unhappy reality. However, some of these reasons will be unquestioned and firing is most determinedly the only right move. While the points below remain valid in these situations to various extents, these dismissals are not what I have in mind. Rather, what spurs my thoughts … Continue reading The Cost of Firing a Minister