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Reading the Bible is Not Enough

The Bible can be hard to understand. And even when we do understand, figuring out how and when to apply it can leave us perplexed, stuck without purposeful action. Throughout my years as a Bible teacher, I have found a reliable pathway through the confusion of Bible reading and wise life application. That pathway is a process of three important tasks that we bring to reading the Bible.

Reading the Bible is Not Enough is an interactive website that walks you through the process to help you creatively live what you read in the Bible.

Discipleship Podcast

In this podcast project Jeremy Hoover and I discuss various aspects of living the life of a disciple. This encompasses our diverse ministry contexts and our shared passion to understand how this calling on our lives impacts the decisions we make and the people we lead.

HOPE Network Ministries

HOPE Network provides coaching and consulting for church leaders. Specifically, I provide coaching for ministers.

Mission Alive Discipleship Cohorts

The heart of Christian living is learning to hear God’s voice and following Him into the world as disciples. Discipleship Cohorts (DCs) are small groups of Christians who meet weekly to encourage healthy spiritual disciplines of listening and following God. DCs are a powerful, reproducible tool for spiritual growth, church renewal, and leadership development.


The Grip-Birkman is a Spiritual Gifts and Behavioral Assessment, providing practical insights for individuals, teams, and organizations.  It is the combination of two assessments:

The Grip unpacks your supernatural design through looking at us individually, as an empowered team member, and as one building the Body of Christ.

The Birkman Method® provides an in-depth understanding of who we are naturally, highlighting how we effectively engage with those around us.